It’s all about the music.

Newcastle Sound is one of the longest standing professional recording studios in the Rhode Island area. Our experience, dedication to excellence, and state-of-the-art equipment has created a following of artists looking for something special in their recording sessions.

We feel our success is rooted in our individualized approach to the creative process. Every artist is different and it is our job to help provide you with a super comfortable studio environment, as well as a wide variety of powerful production tools to help aid the creative process. We will work with you to make awesome music at the highest production level possible.

But it’s more than that, we just love it. We care about the music and really dig the process of perfecting the sound, finding the textures, colors and shades, and creating something that we all can be proud of.

Musicians will tell you they choose Newcastle Sound for a lot of reasons— the location, the sound, the flexibility,—but what we hear more than anything else is that, “It just feels really good here.”


Randy Hunicke, Chief Sound Guru and Engineer

Randy has a passion for great audio. Spend a few minutes with him, and you'll get it. That passion can be seen every day at Newcastle, a place where artists of all genres can find inspiration and a dedicated creative partner.

As an artist, your attention is constantly divided. You're busy writing, playing, promoting and scheduling. Timing is everything but that recording will last forever.

With Randy’s 30 years of experience recording and producing original music, you can count on a dedication to the art of recording that is second to none. As a musician, he understands what it’s like to be on the other side of the glass. Find out what it's like to have him on your team.