Recordings built to the highest standards,
fusing art and science.

Our 1100 square foot facility includes a main room with hardwood floors and 10 foot ceilings, a floating drum room, an acoustically tuned control room and an artist lounge. We provide an excellent selection of front end gear and a wide array of outboard effects, both hardwired and as software plugins in Digital Performer. We know how to get your equipment to sound its best. From tuning drums to dialing in a great guitar tone, we know how to get things just right.

In House Equipment

DAW: MOTU Digital Performer - (IK Multimedia, PSP Audioware, Antares).
MIXER: APB Dynasonics Specta Series 40 channel .
MICS & OUTBOARD: Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Shure, True Systems, Focusrite, Mesa Engineering, and Yamaha.

We offer a variety of customized services.

Demo Recording
Get your songs/ideas recorded with clarity and depth.  

Album Quality Recording.
Bring your music to the next level by adding layers and details to make your songs pop and achieve a BIGGER sound. The small details, like backing vocals, harmonies, additional instrumentation and percussion, make a big difference in the final product.

Live Multi-track Recording
Capture the energy of your live performance to multi-track. Each instrument is recorded to its own dedicated track to be mixed later.

One on One Recording Instruction
Have some recording equipment but not getting the SOUND you want?

Home Studio Consulting
Building out a space? Buying gear? Get some direction from a seasoned pro.

Our studio rates are all-inclusive.

All rates include engineer
$65 / hour (2 hour minimum)

Full Day (8 hours - weekend) $400
Full Day (8 hours - weekday) $350
Half Day (4 hours - weekday) $200

We enjoy working with new and exciting start-up artists.
Talk to us about packages that will meet your budget.

Randy in the Studio PG.jpg

"The recording is excellent, better than many studio records I've heard."
- Bob Gulla, The Providence Phoenix

"Randy has good production ideas to offer every time we go in."
- Brent Mulligan, The Drive

"I highly recommend the 'Newcastle Sound' experience. Randy gets solid and innovative performances from artists when working in the studio. Whether it's his ability to find the right part to energize a track, or his passion for analog tone, he provides value and quality results."
- Dana White, Specialized Mastering

I've never had a better or more stress-free time recording. We wanted to try some weird stuff recording-wise, and Randy was always up for it. There's no one I'd rather work with."
- Jeff Belcher, Carfax Abby